Adaptavate launch ultra-breathable plaster primer companion product to Breathaplasta

Breathaplasta might well be the best lime plaster that money can buy (and the easiest lime plaster to use), but even the very best need a helping hand occasionally and that’s why we’ve launched our plaster primer (grip coat) product.

Adaptavate Grip Coat is a universal plaster primer suitable for all substrates and has a granulated formulation to offer a helping hand on those difficult and particularly smooth surfaces. It is intended to be rollered or painted on to areas that would benefit from an ultra-breathable, natural grip coat to provide better adhesion for the application of Breathaplasta.

Adaptavate Grip coat is a healthier alternative to standard primer and is preservative-free, odour-free and has no toxic chemical emissions. Like all our products it is also ultra-breathable (vapour diffusion-open).

Adaptavate products are independently tested to the highest standards and are scientifically validated to ensure they are of a consistently high quality and offer our customers the very best performance on the market.

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