Breathaplasta chosen as the ASBP’s Product of the Month

Following a successful launch of Breathaplasta at October’s UK Construction Week, we are really happy to be selected as the Product of the Month by the Alliance for Sustainable Building Materials (ASBP) for December. asbppompic

“The feature of our new internal Breathaplasta as ASBP’s product of the month is fantastic” said our founder, Tom, “as it shows a real support for how we are pushing boundaries and bringing better bio materials to the market in a conservative construction industry. At Adaptavate, we believe that materials that are better for people and planet, such as Breathaplasta, can be mainstream in the years to come, whilst providing healthier buildings in which to live and work. Collaborations and support from organisations such as ASBP are key to making this vision a reality.”

The mission of the ASBP is  all about the products. They champion products that are better for people and the environment as well as those companies and organisations prepared to push the boundaries. It is a particularly important endorsement as they work from a position of independence from government and from short term commercial interests.

aaron-bw-plastering-copyTom finishes by highlighting “we are really looking forward to working with the ASBP in the future to realise our joint visions of creating mainstream bio materials in the construction sector that are resource efficient, sustainable and help to create healthier spaces. It’s an exciting prospect and thanks for the support!”

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