Jeff Ive

Jeff realised he probably wasn’t going to be a professional rugby player aged 18 so he enrolled at University to study Yacht Design. On completing his studies, he moved to New Zealand and got a job in boatyard and was lucky enough to cut his teeth on the build of several round the world race yachts. On moving back to Britain, Jeff got involved with a wide range of exciting projects, from the opening ceremony of the Olympics to award winning architectural public art spaces for the Bristol European Green Capital project.

For a number of years Jeff worked at the National Composite Centre (NCC) where he led a team delivering innovation across many sectors, from automotive to aerospace, marine to renewable energies. The NCC recognised Jeff’s interest in sustainability and sponsored him to study his masters (and same course as Tom), leading him to a thesis project where he proved you could make a surfboard out of fungal mycelium. When Jeff isn’t making something that hasn’t been made before you’ll find him playing bass, at a gig or playing with his little girl.

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