Owen Pearson

Owen graduated from the School of Earth, Ocean and Environmental Science at Plymouth University and studied a broad range of topics from environmental law and economics to ecology and oceanography.

After working for several years in the renewable energy industry both in the public and private sector, Owen became interested with the idea of the fabric first approach – building in high performing, low energy and often biodegradable materials from the outset rather than relying on bolt-on renewable energy devices. He first came across Adaptavate when attending a lecture by Tom at the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) in Wales. Owen is currently involved in the manufacturing of Adaptavate’s range of products and is looking into scaling up the manufacturing process to meet increasing demand.

When not working he can usually be found either on or under the water kayaking, scuba diving or occasionally attempting to surf. He also likes taking his dog for long walks in the country, so long as there’s a good pub at the end.

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