Tom speaking at the International Board Conference 22nd-23rd January 2018.

It is exciting times at Adaptavate, a new year and a fresh energy is around Unit 10 with many exciting projects and developments for 2018. This week has seen confirmation of Tom speaking at the International Board Conference 2018 at Hallam Conference Centre in London. The Conference and Exhibition will be looking at global market trends in boards and panel systems, at the latest advances in production technology and at how producers can add value to their products worldwide.


When we caught up with Tom, he said “being a speaker at a mainstream international event such as this further supports the large scale application of Breathaboard in the International market.  It is really exciting to be able to talk to the large players in the industry as we search for the right industrial production partners across the global market.’




Tom will be talking about the performance benefits of Breathaboard, the low-energy, scalable production process  and the favourable market conditions that make this an attractive innovation in the building materials industry. This is especially important at a time where countries are reassessing their agendas and policies around resource use and recycling of materials such as plastics.

Tom finished by saying ‘I can’t wait to share the forward-thinking work we have been doing on Breathaboard and bio-materials with the audience – we are ready to find a large-scale production partner to realise the benefits of Breathaboard that we have been developing over the last 3 years. Its exciting times!’

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