Adaptavate a PwC Net Zero Future50 innovator

Adaptavate has been acknowledged as one of the top 50 emerging climate tech companies in the UK in a recently released PwC report. The PwC Net Zero Future50 report has identified 3,000+ companies that could lead the way to decarbonisation by 2050 across a wide range of sectors.

Adaptavate was shortlisted as one of nine innovator start-ups that have made a significant impact within the ‘Built Environment’ category The Built Environment accounts for 20.7% (UK 17%) of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

PwC’s report highlights the magnitude of the challenge the world faces in meeting essential decarbonisation targets, whilst illustrating the significant opportunity this represents for businesses with game changing technologies to deliver impact.

The report further noted the comparably low level of funding that Built Environment solutions have received, versus the high impact they deliver to our planet. It suggests that Adaptavate’s solutions can offer fast decarbonisation to a sector that is struggling on its path to Net Zero emissions.

Adaptavate is leading the way in the development and commercialisation of carbon negative materials for the mainstream construction market. The initial focus is on launching a carbon negative alternative to the third most used construction product in the world – plasterboard.

Tom Robinson, Managing Director of Adaptavate said: “This is a timely and powerful validation of our work as we focus on delivering carbon negative wallboards to the mainstream construction market. We can see the clear need from the market and are focussed on delivering this as rapidly as possible.”

It’s estimated that 29 million homes in the UK will need to be retrofitted with low-carbon solutions if the UK is to meet its 2050 Net Zero ambitions. Tom Robinson continued: “We know we have the right low-carbon solutions that can help the construction industry at scale, anywhere in the world. We want to collaborate with other organisations to make this happen at the scale that is needed to help hit the Net Zero targets that are desperately needed.”

Breathaboard is a direct alternative to plasterboard that is specified and used in the same way but with carbon and performance benefits. It can be produced at industrial scale using industry ready production techniques with a production process that can absorb CO2.

Breathaboard is compostable at the end of life and can be used as soil conditioner or to create energy in anaerobic digestion creating a completely renewable and regenerative material flow.

To find out more about how Adaptavate can help your organisation achieve its Net Zero construction goals, please contact and follow us on social media using @adaptavate.

You can download the full PwC report here.

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