Adaptavate hires Matt Roughton as Head of Operations

Adaptavate, a world pioneer in developing industrial processes to make carbon negative building materials, welcomes Matt Roughton as head of operations. Matt will play a key role in Adaptavate’s growth and acceleration plans to commercialise and scale its industrial processes globally.

Matt Roughton, head of operations, said: “Having been a key member in a company transitioning from small business with big ideas to larger company, I felt that helping Adaptavate tackle similar challenges as they grow and aim to make a massive impact on not only the industry, but the environment was a great opportunity and fit for my skills and passion.”

Matt Roughton was the associate director of operations at GDS Instruments and has both ILM 7 qualification in Leadership and Management and ILM 5 in Service Improvement.

Adaptavate recently announced a £2m round of investment to support the global development and industrialisation of carbon negative construction materials. As head of operations, Matt will oversee the company’s operational and logistics plan to do so and uphold their position as world leaders in this space.

“Right from the start, it was clear that Matt could be a game changing Adaptavator”, said Tom Robinson, CEO and founder of Adaptavate. “We want to build a business that meets ambitious milestones alongside prioritising the wellbeing of our team. I believe that this is the foundation from which a successful business of the future is built, and with his time-tested experience, Matt is ready to deliver. We are excited to welcome him aboard.”

Matt Roughton will be establishing and refining operational excellence principles throughout the business by introducing a quality assurance management focus for the products and processes. He will also have an integral role in nourishing team wellbeing and encouraging high performance. His work alongside Adaptavate’s CEO, Tom Robinson, and CTO, Jeff Ive alongside the growing leadership team will help shape this business of the future.

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