Adaptavate imagines, challenges, and proves a better way.  

Better building materials. 
Better production processes. 
Better business models.  

Inspired by the personal story and experience of our founder and CEO, Tom Robinson, and defined by our team after many talks and a day out in the woods, these are the principles that guide everything we do. 

Adaptavate’s principles

We put planet before profit. 

We understand that society and economy must sit inside the environment. We are building a conscious business that is in line with planetary boundaries and cycles but with a capital structure for effective and urgent impact. 

We challenge the status-quo.

We are curious systems thinkers building a ‘good ancestor’ business, demonstrating long term thinking founded in industrial engineering We are transforming the traditional construction industry with our pioneering technology, products and business model. 

We embrace failure.

With every failure we are one step closer to the answer. We are transparent learners in pursuit of a truth where businesses can help preserve the planet instead of contributing to its destruction. We hope to inspire others to do the same!

We collaborate for greater impact.

As a team and within the wider ecosystem. We know we can’t decarbonise the construction industry on our own. We seek funds and partnerships from like-minded organisations and people to strengthen, scale and deploy our solutions and maximise their positive impact on the planet. 

We are open to change.

We are in business to fight climate change with carbon change. We are committed to transform the role of carbon in the construction industry and respond to the urgent call for decarbonisation. Adaptavate means change, and only with change we will succeed. 

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