Jeff Ive

Jeff brought nine years of material research with him, along with the experience of leading a technology group at the National Composite Centre (NCC). Whilst working at NCC, they were so impressed with Jeff’s interest in sustainability that they sponsored him to study for his master’s degree (the same course as Tom!), where he worked on a thesis project that proved you could make a surfboard out of fungal mycelium.

Jeff’s passion for innovative research has continued to grow and he was recently appointed as a Visiting Research Fellow for the University of Bath. The Adaptavate team are delighted that Jeff has been recognised for his contribution to developing innovative and sustainable construction materials.

As head of the technical team here at Adaptavate, Jeff’s talent in realising innovative concepts has been put to good use. He has a strong belief that technical responses to the climate emergency are at our disposal – we just need to put them into action!

When he is not inventing the next big thing in sustainability, you’ll find Jeff at his allotment, trying to play the bass, at a gig or most likely, being interrupted by his kids.

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