Nick Costa Ford

Nick is a mechanical engineer with a passion for sustainability. Before working at Adaptavate, he worked in various engineering roles at the National Composites Centre (NCC), one of which involved leading process development projects for tier 1 aerospace suppliers. During this time Nick also lived and worked in Brazil for a while.

Here at Adaptavate Nick currently leads the technical activities on a £500k Innovate UK grant-funded project on the development of Breathaboard. Day-to-day he can be found designing and executing the experiments to understand the effects of process and material variables.

Nick chose a career at Adaptavate due to shared values in sustainability. He’s passionate about helping to improve the planet and quality of life of those who occupy it and saw the potential to reduce the impact of the plasterboard industry, which contributes substantially to global GHG emissions.

Outside of office hours, Nick enjoys playing the guitar, making electronic music, cooking, baking, and undertaking DIY projects that often get in the way of the other activities.

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