COS Store

At a glance

Project type

Shop fit-out. Repurpose.

Property type

Neoclassical Bank 

Product(s) used

Breathaplasta Smooth, Breathaplasta Universal


Antwerp, Belgium






COS in-house architects


Once a neoclassical bank, COS opened their flagship store located in the historic centre of Antwerp. Part of the former neoclassical bank update was the use of our Breathaplasta Universal Plaster, where they used different techniques to create a natural and smooth finish. Approximately 216 m2 were used to create a more sustainable, cleaner air place.

Preserving the distinctive brand aesthetic, the COS in-house architects and designers have seamlessly integrated functionality and contemporary design, paying homage to the historic elements of the former neoclassical Bank. The restored Belgium blue stone façade, with its rich dark hues, harmoniously contrasts with expansive floor-to-ceiling windows and modern skylights, ensuring an abundance of natural light that transforms the store's atmosphere as the day progresses. Mindful of environmental impact and circularity, the store design incorporates elements such as Breathaplasta, a natural lime plaster, contributing to cleaner air. Fashion United.

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