Breathaplasta Smooth is ideal as a healthy skim coat applied directly to conventional gypsum plasterboard without the need for a primer. Smooth is a high-quality, fine finishing, breathable plaster. It's easy to use and sets within 60-90 mins.

Equipment required

Breathaplasta Smooth
Hawk, trowel and plastering tools

Recommended plaster thickness

Approx. 4mm total thickness.

Coverage per 20kg Smooth bag

Approx. 12 square metres at 3mm thickness

Setting time per coat

Approximately 60-90 minutes.

Surface preparation

No treatment or priming is required before applying plaster to conventional gypsum plasterboard (ivory coloured paper).

Specialist plasterboard requires a primer (bonding agent) to be used before plastering. Examples include: moisture resistant (green), fire resistant (pink), and acoustic (blue).

Recommended plaster application

  1. Mix Smooth to approx. 8 litres of clean water per 20kg bag of dry powder used.

  2. Mix the plaster using a paddle mix for approx. 3 minutes.

  3. Base coat of Smooth at 1-2mm.

  4. Top coat of Smooth at 1-2mm.

  5. After the top coat is set, return to the plaster and use a trowel to polish the surface until a super smooth finish is achieved. Do not spray more water onto the plaster and be careful not to overwork it at this stage.

Bag calculator

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