Insulating your solid walls can cut your heating bills considerably and make your home more comfortable.

Breathaplasta Thermal can be applied directly to brick, block and stone and is compatible with all masonry types. Breathaplasta Thermal is a fast and reliable way to rapidly add insulation to your home and increase U-values.

Equipment required

Breathaplasta Thermal
Clean water and mister
Hawk, trowel and plastering tools

Recommended plaster thickness

Up to 40mm per trowel pass

Coverage per 9kg Thermal bag

Approx. 2 square metres at 10mm thickness

Setting time per coat

Approximately 2 hours

Surface preparation

Plan junctions between different material types to help minimise thermal bridging.

Consolidate the wall to ensure no loose material. Dub out the masonry if needed - fill holes and level off. Surface should be uniformly flat.

Mist the surface of the masonry 10-15 mins prior to plaster application to control suction.

Primer may be required when plastering over multiple backgrounds.

Recommended plaster application

  1. Mix Thermal to approx. 5.5 litres of clean water per 9kg bag of dry powder used.

  2. Mix the plaster using a paddle mix for approx. 3 minutes.

  3. Use Thermal to dub out any large holes and to level the wall prior to main plastering.

  4. Apply Thermal up to 40mm thickness and leave to set for at least 2 hours.

  5. Repeat step 4 until desired thickness is achieved. Typical application is 80mm thickness applied in two coats.

  6. Trowel flat and level ready to accept a finishing plaster. Smooth or Universal can be applied as a skim coat.

Bag calculator

Use this calculator to work out how many bags of Thermal to order for your job.

Bags required:

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