Breathaplasta Universal is ideal as a healthy skim finish for overcoating existing plaster surfaces. It provides a lightly textured or smooth final surface finish that is breathable (vapour open). Universal is a fast-setting, bio-based plaster. It's easy to use and sets within an hour.

Equipment required

Breathaplasta Universal
Clean water and brush or mister
Hawk, trowel and plastering tools
Fibreglass mesh

Recommended plaster thickness

Approx. 8mm total thickness.

Coverage per 20kg Universal bag

Approx. 5 square metres at 4mm thickness

Setting time per coat

Approximately 45-60 minutes.

Surface preparation

Ensure the existing plaster surface is in reasonable condition, is well consolidated and is not crumbling or coming away from the background. Any loose plaster should be removed, and the surface should be in sound condition before overcoating.

If the existing plaster surface is smooth, consider applying a coat of breathable gritted primer to add a key and provide grip for the new plaster.

Dampen the existing plaster surface by misting or brushing clean water onto the face of the plaster. This helps control suction and ensures a good bond for the new plaster.

Recommended plaster application

  1. Base coat of Universal 2mm.

  2. Top coat of Universal 2mm.

  3. For a smooth finish, moisten the surface of the plaster with a fine mist spray bottle to help polish the surface with a trowel. For more textured finishes, lightly apply a damp sponge.

Bag calculator

Use this calculator to work out how many bags of Universal to order for your job.

Bags required:

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