Breathaplasta Universal is an ideal companion product for wood wool boards as these lightweight panels are excellent carriers for lime plasters. Universal is a fast setting, bio-based, breathable plaster. It's easy to use and sets within an hour.

Equipment required

Breathaplasta Universal
Clean water and brush or mister
Hawk, trowel and plastering tools
Fibreglass mesh

Recommended plaster thickness

Approx. 8mm total thickness.

Coverage per 20kg Universal bag

Approx. 5 square metres at 4mm thickness

Setting time per coat

Approximately 45-60 minutes.

Surface preparation

Brush or mist wood wool boards with clean water 15-20 mins before plastering to help control suction.

Recommended plaster application

  1. Mix Universal to approx. 10 litres of clean water per 20kg bag of dry powder used.

  2. Mix the plaster using a paddle mix for approx. 3 minutes.

  3. Base coat of Universal approx. 4mm (sufficient to cover washers/fixings).

  4. Fibreglass render mesh applied to base coat while it's still fresh - flatten in using trowel immediately after applying plaster.

  5. Top coat of Universal approx. 4mm.

  6. For a smooth finish with Universal, moisten top coat using a fine mist spray bottle to help trowel to a smooth finish. Optionally, achieve an even smoother finish by applying a 2-3mm skim coat of Smooth.

Bag calculator

Use this calculator to work out how many bags of Universal to order for your job.

Bags required:

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