About Us

Adaptavate is an award winning company rethinking and redesigning the way building materials are produced, used and disposed of. We are innovating and designing low-carbon construction products for healthy buildings and inhabitants which help ensure the longevity of our fragile ecosystem whilst surpassing the performance of market leading products.

By taking an innovative approach to the design and manufacture of construction products we endeavour to clean up and breathe a breath of fresh air into this traditionally conservative sector. We aim to produce these progressive materials at the scale needed to have a significant positive impact on the health of people and planet.

We are Adapting + Innovating

Our Vision & Values

Adaptavate’s values come from the founders’ personal principles and are strongly rooted within the company, informing and guiding all business decisions. We want to work with likeminded people, both in Adaptavate and in other companies. We love what we are doing and want to share what is important to us with you.

  • We develop solutions that are adaptive and innovative- its all in the name!
  • Our solutions cause no harm to this planet and its people.
  • Our materials build on the learnings from nature to help create healthy, low-carbon spaces.
  • We approach the established construction industry with a ‘breath of fresh air’.
  • We set up our company to inspire others to ‘be the change’.
  • We lead by example, to build an ecologically conscious company.

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